10 Simple Habits That Might Just Change Your Life

by RUTH SOUKUP on March 27 It’s easy to think of all of the good habits we wish we had: putting money away each month, getting up earlier, working out every day. As it turns out, setting good habits can be a powerful way to achieve our goals and help keep us focused and organized. Once a good […]

Accelerare l’autoguarigione e mantenersi in ottima salute

COME ACCELERARE L’AUTOGUARIGIONE E MANTENERSI IN OTTIMA SALUTE 1. AUTOGUARIGIONE. Un pò di teoria. Con il termine di Autoguarigione è stato riconosciuto scientificamente quel processo autonomo del corpo umano, tendente a salvaguardare la vita stessa del corpo. Possiamo vederla in azione nella sua massima evidenza quando una ferita superficiale si rimargina e guarisce spontaneamente. Ma […]

How To Train Yourself To Control Your Dreams

Written by Cassie Shortsleeve on February 5, 2015 Some people hardly remember their dreams — but others can control them. You can too. (Photo: Getty Images) When most of us wake up, our dream recollection is muddled — memories of people or places (out of place, usually) and mismatched occurrences that don’t quite add up. […]

5 Ways To Control Your Dreams

Q by Equinox on December 27, 2014 A solid eight hours is paramount to success, and making sure your mind is at ease is one more way to get there. (Photo: Kenneth Willardt / Trunk Archive) Good dreams are good for your health. Not only do they boost your morning mood, but they actually increase […]